Distance Education Student Procedure

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) engages in an interactive process and reviews requests for accommodations on an individual basis. In determining  eligibility for accommodations, ODS considers each individual’s condition, history, request and the essential elements of Appalachian State University’s courses, programs and activities.

Submitting Materials to ODS

Materials may be submitted via fax, U.S. mail, or hand delivery.  In accordance with ASU security policies, standards and guidelines(link is external), ODS is unable to receive  such  documents via email.

Disability Disclosure Forms

Distance Education Student Disability Disclosure Form [Word, 106KB]

Distance Education Student Disability Disclosure Form [PDF, 201KB]

Requesting Accommodations

Prospective and enrolled students for courses/programs through Distance Education who need  accommodations due to a disability must complete the below process. Accommodations are provided only after the process has been completed in its entirety.

  1. Student submits materials: Student must complete a Disability Disclosure Form (above) and submit documentation meeting guidelines. Timely submission of materials is vital to ensure accommodations are in place when they are needed.
  2. ODS sends receipt: Individuals will be sent a receipt email to their ASU email verifying what materials have been received and next steps.
  3. ODS determines eligibility and contacts student: Once ODS has received both the Disability Disclosure Form and appropriate documentation every effort will be made to review the request and provide related accommodations within three weeks of submission. Individuals will be sent an email to their ASU email regarding eligibility status with next steps.
  4. Implementation of approved accommodations: For academic accommodations (i.e., testing accommodations, etc.), individuals will be asked to schedule a meeting with ODS. During this meeting, an Accommodation Plan will be created which outlines approved accommodations. Relevant university resources to best support a student’s journey at Appalachian State University will also be discussed. 

    If a student's disability prevents a student rom traveling to Boone, alternative arrangements (i.e., meeting via teleconference and/or videoconference) for the meeting will be arranged.

    For non-academic accommodations (i.e., housing, food services, etc.) a meeting may not be required. Individuals will be provided any next steps in their email regarding eligibility and ODS will communicate approvals to relevant departments.

  5. Receiving accommodations: For academic accommodations, students must share their Accommodation Plan (via an online module) and have an interactive conversation each semester with instructors of courses they need to receive accommodations in.

For non-academic accommodations, often these accommodations must be applied for on an annual basis.