ODS' Alternate Testing Program

Location & Contact

The Alternate Testing Center is located in Suite 112, Anne Belk Hall.

Alternate Testing Program Email odsalternate@appstate.edu or 828-262-3056.

Summer Proctoring Hours

Monday -Friday 8:00am-4:00pm 

Regular Semester Proctoring Hours

Monday- Thursday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Final Exam Proctoring Hours

ODS will only proctor final exams at 8:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm during the fall and spring semesters.
Extended time will be given in accordance with the designated University exam schedule of 2.5 hours per exam.
No exams will be given on Reading Day

ODS’ Alternate Testing Program Procedures

ODS Alternate Testing Program 

The Office of Disability Services provides an Alternate Testing Program (ATP) as a complimentary proctoring service for the use of instructors who are unable to provide the approved testing accommodations for tests/quizzes that take place in the classroom.

ODS works diligently to ensure the security of the testing environment. Tests are kept in a secured filing cabinet in a locked room. ODS utilizes private carrels, group testing rooms, and additional classroom spaces. Only the test and materials indicated by the instructor are allowed in the testing environment.  Personal belongings including book bags and electronic devices are placed in cubbies during test administration. Students are continuously monitored during their tests and only allowed to leave the testing environment if instructors have indicated that unescorted restroom breaks are allowed. Integrity violation allegations are immediately reported to the instructor and the Office of Student Conduct.

Materials Available In ODS

ODS has computers, calculators and scantrons available during testing. ODS computers are equipped with assistive technology and advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Maple statistical software. Instructors should consult with ODS if specific computer programs or software is needed. Students may only use computers and calculators provided by ODS, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

Scheduling Tests with ODS 

To use the Alternate Testing Program, students must make an Alternate Testing Request via the ODS online module during the following time frames:

  • one week prior to the test during Fall/Spring
  • three days prior to the test during Summer
  • established date (listed on the module) prior to the Final Exam Period for all final exams

Scheduling a test in ODS indicates that both the student and the instructor:

  1. have reviewed and discussed the student’s Accommodation Plan prepared by ODS;
  2. understand the approved alternate testing accommodations; and
  3. understand and agree to comply with these Alternate Testing Program policies and procedures as well as the University’s Academic Integrity Code.

If the Alternate Testing Program is not open during the time a test occurs, the instructor can provide the accommodations, or the student may request to take the test at an alternate time during ATP’s operating hours.

Once a student makes a test request, instructors will receive an email notification requesting  login to the ODS online module  to confirm test details (test date/time, materials allowed, etc.). ODS proctors exactly as indicated by the instructor.

Late Arrivals for Tests in ODS

Students who arrive late to ODS for their scheduled test will have that time subtracted from the total allotted time, up to fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes a decision will be made on a case by case basis with consideration of ATP availability and instructor input. 

Rescheduling of Tests in ODS

If a scheduled test in ODS does not occur for any reason (i.e., illness, weather, class cancellation, etc.), students must first discuss if the test can be rescheduled in ODS and agree upon a new date/time.  ODS must receive confirmation of the new date/time from the instructor and will make every effort to proctor pending ATP availability. 

Special Considerations for Final Exams

Due to the high volume of exams to coordinate, all final exam requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the final exam period.

Please note that extended time is based off of 2.5 hours per exam.

  • 50% extended time = 3 hrs and 45 minutes
  • 75% extended time = 4 hrs 23 minutes
  • 100% extended time = 5 hrs

Students with back to back exams who need their full extended time for each should discuss with instructors regarding alternate exam date/time. The student may choose to take their final exams at the regularly scheduled exam times and not receive the full extended time, if it is not needed.

Proctoring is available through 5:45pm during Final Exam week. Therefore, any student with 100% extended time and a 2pm final exam should discuss with instructors regarding an alternate exam date/time. The student may choose to take their final exam at the regularly scheduled exam time and not receive the full extended time, if it is not needed.

Students should review the University’s Final Exam Schedule and Policies to ensure correct exam times and understanding of appropriate exam policies.

Due to the high volume of students and limited space, ODS utilizes additional utilizes additional space outside of our office for final exams in both Anne Belk Hall and the Plemmons Student Union. Sound reduction headphones, ear plugs and privacy carrel boards will be provided to ensure a distraction reduced environment. ODS will be unable to guarantee an individual room during the final exam period as first priority will be given to testers with assistive technology. Because of the large number of exams ODS proctors during each exam time, students will not be allowed to enter the exam room late. Students should make arrangements to arrive to ODS at least 15 minutes early before each scheduled final exam.