Notetaking Provision Information

Some students registered with ODS may be eligible to receive notetaking provisions as a reasonable accommodation. The approved notetaking provision will be listed on the student's Accommodation Plan. Notetaking provisions are not a replacement for attendance. For more information see Notetaking Provisions Policy and Procedures

Instructor Role in Peer Notetaker Selection

As an instructor, you may be asked to make an anonymous announcement that a notetaker is needed for a student in one or more of your courses.

The eligible ODS student is responsible for providing you with:

  • verification of the approved accommodation via their Accommodation Plan; and
  • duplicate paper for potential notetakers or an email address to send electronic notes if needed.

The anonymous announcement can be made orally or via email to the class. The student’s identity must be kept confidential. Interested students should be given duplicate notetaker paper or asked to email the notes to the instructor. If there is a student in the class whom you know and believe would be an effective notetaker, you may ask them to provide sample notes. The potential notetakers should include the course title, their name, and their contact information on their sample notes. They should take notes during that class, and submit notes to the instructor at the end of the class session.

The eligible ODS student will obtain the sample notes from the instructor, review them and inform ODS of the identity of the individual selected as their notetaker. ODS will contact the selected notetaker regarding paperwork and guidelines. Any questions regarding notetaking provisions should be directed to ODS. 

Sample Announcement for Notetakers

“A notetaker will be needed in this course. The notes need to be taken (on duplicate paper or electronically, whichever applicable) If interested in serving as a volunteer notetaker please take sample notes and include the course title, your name and email address on the sample notes. At the end of class submit sample notes to me. You will be contacted by the Office of Disability Services if you are chosen to be the notetaker for the duration of the semester.”

Other types of Notetaking Provisions include:

Use of personal laptop

Individuals who are eligible for use of a laptop computer for notetaking are responsible for bringing a laptop to each class/meeting. Students are only permitted to use appropriate notetaking programs/software during class. Students found to be misusing this accommodation (ie: using the Internet when not permitted during class) may have this accommodation revoked and an alternate provision implemented.

Access to Notes/ PowerPoints/Outlines, etc.

Individuals who are eligible for access to materials are responsible for discussing what form of notes/materials may be available with their instructor or supervisor and how access to materials will be achieved. Access to such materials may occur: by reviewing materials during office hours or they may be shared electronically or by hard copy.

Instructors may use a personal version of notes as an outline which includes material which may or may not be disseminated during lecture. Instructors are not required to share such an outline. In this case, an alternate notetaking provision should be discussed with ODS. Instructors/ Supervisors are not required to create Notes/PowerPoint/outlines.

Audio recording lectures

Individuals who are eligible for audio recording of lectures are responsible for bringing an audio recording device to each class/meeting. ODS has digital recorders available for loan. Individuals may be asked to sign a Recording Agreement per the instructor/professor's request before utilizing this accommodation. The recorder should be placed at the front of the room as close to the presenter as possible, to limit background noise.